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Rochelle L. Cook

Founder, MA., Spiritual Psychology, Certified Dream Tender & Clinical Hypnotherapist, Joymind Coach

About Me:

Hello, I am delighted to be here to help you find your peace! My sessions are robust and highly individualized for each client and issue. I start from a place that meets you where you are.

By combining Clinical Hypnotherapy, Spiritual and Depth Psychology including Dream Tending.

”I help you transform and reframe your negative perceptions at the subconscious level! This is the secret to ending your suffering.”

Special Interests:
My approach is unique because of and how I integrate the tools and processes found in the modalities listed and how they can be applied in a clinical setting in Hypnotherapy sessions. The main focus is trauma reversal. The underlying cornerstones of most issues.

Depth Hypnotherapy
The Depth hypnotherapy approach targets the root issue, think of the many hidden memories and emotions below the waterline of an iceberg. We, adults, become what we learned as children. Besides what we learned from our family our ancestors, environment, religion, and culture shape how we think and who we become.

My Work
After decades of working as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and coach, I have written best-selling books, worked with thousands of people, and been seen on Oprah Winfrey TV shows. My books have been endorsed by extraordinary guiding lights in the mindfulness, coaching, and therapy fields and I have traveled across the United States speaking and empowering people to live a more joyful life.

Applications of Clinical Hypnosis & Depth Hypnotherapy include
I firmly believe you can rebuild your unhappy, even broken-down life with Hypnotherapy and live the rest of your life in mindfulness, peace, and joy.

  • Addictions, substance abuse – alcohol, drugs, sex, porn
  • Abandonment Anxiety
  • Social Anxiety GAD’s
  • Panic Attacks
  • Relationship issues
  • Trauma reversal
  • Inner Child Work
  • Coping with Death, seven stages of grief work, letting go, facing the future, saying goodbye
  • Exam preparation, TEST ANXIETY, improve learning habits, study habits
  • Fear of flying, driving, & all other fears & phobias. I.e. Dentist, Doctor, Psychiatrist, Priest
  • Fertility, infertility, in vitro fertilization
  • Living with Covid, HIV, etc., grief, mourning
  • Moving forward using the mental bank system. (Ideal for Executive Coaching)
  • Pain Management, age-related, disease-related, accident-related
  • Procrastination
  • Public speaking, actor auditions
  • Relationship issues, Toxic Relationships, etc.
  • Sales Performance, Career Success, Public Speaking, Obtaining Goals (Ideal for Executive Coaching)
  • Self-Esteem, self-image, self-awareness, re-connection to
  • Self Self-Confidence
  • Sleep Problems/Insomnia
  • Spiritual Journeys Spiritual Counseling
  • Stop Smoking, smoking cessation (For adults and teenagers)
  • Weight Loss, weight loss surgery,  Lap Band Surgery Hypnosis, and Hypno-Band (Certified)


Are you suffering from stress, anxiety, fears, phobia’s or relationship issues?
Your subconscious mind rules your life. Clinical hypnotherapy and coaching changes your perceptions so that you can heal and live your best life. With me you’ll receive, deep insights, the right tools, guidance and the positive reinforcement you need to create a new life of peace and freedom. The way through is the way down. And, that, is exactly how I help you move forward with your life and thrive. My advice take the step and book a session with me because you can overcome your issues.

My work combines aspects and features from the following areas:

  • A combination of Life Coaching and Depth Hypnotherapy
  • Spiritual Psychology by the founders Dr. Ron and Mary Hulnick
  • Gestalt work by Fritz Perls
  • Carl Rogers’s person-centered therapy
  • Piero Ferrucci’s Imagery work Inner Child Work
  • William Glasser’s Reality Therapy
  • Choice Theory & Logos Therapy by Viktor Frankl
  • Buddhist Psychology
  • Positive Psycholog
  • Dream Tending by Stephen Aizenstat (Becoming the dream by Randal Churchill and Becoming The Dream – A Gestalt Approach – IAHIP)
  • The teachings of spirituality (lessons, judgment, acceptance, impermanence, and choice Shadow work, Depth Psychology Guided Spiritual Journey Work

Can you answer these questions?

  • Why do you want to change your life?
  • Are you plagued by anxiety?
  • Do you suffer from relationship anxiety?
  • Does trauma play out in your life stopping you from experiencing peace?
  • Are you trying to figure out the meaning of your life?
  • Are you blocked or stuck in something that is stopping you from moving forward?
  • Depth Hypnotherapy is not the ordinary way of coaching (Do you want the deepest level of healing you can possibly imagine?)
  • If you answer yes to any of them you are a good candidate for my work.
  • Depth Hypnotherapy is a blend of proven modalities that has helped thousands of people around the world. Using Depth and Spiritual Psychology combined with Dream Tending (as developed by Steven Aizenstat), and the wisdom traditions—the healing work becomes powerful, paving the way to deep understanding and transformation.

Dream Tending—The work of Stephen Aizenstat Ph.D.

”The long, dark night of the winter solstice is more than the turning point of the sun’s journey.”

Dreamwork is the key to the treasure box of self-discovery. This is where your soul lives, it’s trying to get your attention. Interacting with images and tending them, they have a story of their own. They are living inhabitants of psychic reality that shine the light, the magnifying glass on the question, the answer you search for. Sometimes you don’t even know you are looking for what they have to tell you. The magic and mystery of the dream highlight the direction you need to walk, and the wisdom you need to embrace. These soul figures have the capacity for healing emotional, psychological, even somatic conditions.

In the company of their presence, you gain a sense of wellbeing. Separated from their company creates a feeling of loss.

”This work in its self is life-altering!”

I believe that we all have the answers deep within our authentic selves. Uncovering underlying issues allows one to heal and move forward with living.

Combining the practice of Spiritual Psychology and Clinical Hypnosis produces magical results. The subconscious mind is instructed to see the reality of the situation from the authentic self-perspective, which allows misunderstandings and judgments to finally be forgiven for the very last time.

My Favorite Quote:
“In Dream Tending, we bring our attention and gratitude to the value of lunar consciousness, (night time, sleeping) we honor this dark night of the soul’s journey. Here, in the landscape of the Dreamtime, dream images make their independent journey, separate from our personal quest.

They are our teachers. As we befriend living images in dreams, they, in turn, invite us to explore the reflective realms of deep imagination. They are the deepest of our psyche, our soul, that are trying to get our attention.”
~ Stephen Aizenstat PhD


Anxiety & stress , Bad habits , Fears & phobies , Health & wellness , Minor related issues , Other addictions , Personal development , Relationships issues , Sexual & intimacy issues , Smoking & vaping , Trauma , Weight loss


  • Anxiety stress & panic attacks
  • Social & relationship anxiety incl., GAD
  • Fearfullness (life & work related)
  • Break-ups, divorce, & separation
  • Toxic relationships including trauma & abuse, love dependencies
  • Self-sabotage, co-dependency, abandonment, stalking, social media
  • Binging & purging
  • Eating dependencies
  • Body image & self-image
  • Relationship Trauma
  • Pain management
  • Fibromyalgia, IBS
  • Chronic Illness, Mystery illnesses
  • Psychological Somatic symptoms
  • PTSD
  • Grief and Loss
  • Childhood trauma, life trauma
  • Guilt & shame
  • Fears & phobias (Fear of flying, driving, blood, needles, germs etc)
  • Public speaking
  • Confidence, self-esteem, stop comparing yourself
  • Motivation, procrastination, stop bad habits, communication
  • Dependencies (Drugs, alcohol, porn, gambling)
  • Sexuality (Sexual addiction, LGBTQ+, discrimination, acceptance, transgender)

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A. O.
A. O.
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“I had been looking for a therapist who was trained in hypnotherapy for months because I had read that traditional behavioral therapy combined with hypnotherapy was infinitely more effective in a shorter time frame. Sign me up right!? Rochelle (a JoyMind founder) is a true healer and has a gift for helping heal past trauma in a completely non-judgmental, non-biased way & she will tell you amazing medicine stories of her own while she does it.”


Greg L.
Greg L.
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“I suffer from anxiety among other issues, and Rochelle (a JoyMind founder) was able to help me identify my triggers and learn new ways to think about them and to cope. She is an amazing listener, has a wealth of experience from various fields of mental and spiritual health, and has challenged me since day 1 to approach my life differently.”

Anxiety & stress

Sophia H.
Sophia H.
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“Through my sessions, I gained so much understanding into connecting with my inner self. I connected with the concept of “self love”, something I struggled with my whole life. I’m so grateful for the experience and I received such an incredible amount of emotional support through a very difficult period of time in my life..”

Personal development

Lorena S.
Lorena S.
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Rochelle (a JoyMind founder) is amazing! When I was going through a very tough time in my life she was the light. I was going through a bad break up and she helped me so much not only through hypnosis but by just speaking with her she gave me so much hope. The hypnosis is great I truly feel like it helped me feel more secure with myself and my relationship and we are now back together and very very happy!

Relationships issues

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